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Hello, I'm Cathalijne van Oort. Welcome to my profile!

Cathalijne Van Oort's Bio:

Cathalijne van Oort is a web editor for the HRM department of the Leiden University Medical Center. She successfully maintains and further develops the LUMC's employee portal. As a result, 7000 of her colleagues have easy access to information ranging from declaration forms to vacancies to in-company training courses. From the comfort of their own homes, if they feel like it. She loves to be a copywriter and wrestle with words  and sentences (both in English and in Dutch). But most of all she loves the fact that writing brings her in contact with people, who share their knowledge with her and allow her a glimpse into their world.

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Cathalijne Van Oort's Interests & Activities:

Cooking & eating, friends & family, whisky & whiskey, zouk & samba, photography & literature, comedy & cinema, far-away countries & the distant past.

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